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Saturday 19th May 2018

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You know that wedding dress you promised you would wear again one day?

You know how you always wanted to wear a top hat and tails?

Well now is your chance.

Get dressed up and lets have a right royal Organoke knees up with Ida Barr!


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So you want to channel your inner Whitney or Freddie Mercury and strut your stuff in front of your adoring fans...luckily for you, ORGANOKE is here!

Join us in the spiritual surrounds of St Giles’ Camberwell,  grab a beer and a seat in the pews (or dance in the aisle: that’s what it’s there for!) and sing your heart out to karaoke classics with one of London’s oldest church organs turned up to 11, before rounding off the night with an afterparty in the Crypt.

If you have not yet met our host Ida Barr, you will be best friends with her by the end of the night as this faded Edwardian music-hall singer-extraordinaire guides you through an evening of non stop feel good vibes.

Click here to check out the latest song list!



The organ at St Giles’ was built in 1844 by Bishop & Son organ builders and designed by Samuel Sebastian Wesley, who was a previous organist at St Giles’. Wesley was a superstar performer and composer of his age and took the time to design the organ at St Giles’, which makes it a very special example of British organ design and construction.

Whilst discussing ways to raise awareness of this wonderful instrument, as well raise some cash for its restoration, Jordana Leighton, and Ashley Valentine, thought it would be fun to organise an evening of Karaoke. And thus ORGANOKE was created. It premiered in 2016 with plenty of “choons” and dancing in the aisles.

The Vicar (Nick the Vic) thought it was such a good idea, he even bought us a few catering fridges so that we could cool the beer down for you.

ORGANOKE is supported by PRS for music.

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Profits raised from the event go towards raising the £500,000 needed in order to restore the 19th Century Organ at St Giles’ Church.


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